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Presentation Gira por la Infancia 2017

The Project Gira por la Infancia 2017 through the Technical Course on the promotion of child participation, offers you the opportunity to acquire a practical and necessary training to teach boys and girls to exercise their rights and to transform society by creating social policies from their own perspectives and interests.

Between 4 September and 15 December will be a blended learning course of 540 hours. The training will be funded in its entirety by the Independent Council of Protection of Children - CIPI - and will be certified, so that those who wish to work professionally as promoters of child participation.

Professional utility, structure and contents of the Technical Course on the Promotion of Child Participation.

To enable children to exercise the right to participate must have spaces and professional guarantee. The figure of the technical support in the promotion of children's participation seems necessary in the neighbourhoods, towns and cities. Children need adults who are able to stimulate open processes of participation from the knowledge of the rights and the balance of the duties. Children need social structures where they can fit their interests as citizens. Places where they feel that their opinions are taken into account. Spaces where they can promote the reflections and discussions with adult citizens. That is why the promotion of children's participation is so important if we really want to rebuild the cities, towns and neighbourhoods with the look of the children and girls.

The course is divided into 3 phases:

1st phase online -theoretical content- (4 September-15 October): 180-hour

Module 1. The rights of children and girls (30 hours)

Module 2. The good treatment of children (30 hours)

Module 3. Community participation and child (30 hours)

Module 4. The participation of children through the media of communication and social networks (30 hours)

Module 5. Social Entrepreneurship in the field of childhood (30 hours)

Module 6. The social pedagogy and social project such as transformers of societies for the benefit of the children (30 hours)

2Nd Phase face-to-face -practical contents-: Participation in "Gira por la Infancia 2017"- (16-30 October): 180 hours

3rd phase of project design (online)- (6 November-15 December): 180 hours.

As can be seen, the participation in the Gira por la Infancia 2017 is part of the practical phase of technical course on the promotion of child participation. Therefore, the study grants awarded for the completion of the course include the participation in the Tour.

What is the Gira por la Infancia 2017?

Gira por la Infancia 2017 is a social and educational project that will travel by bus 15 Spanish cities. Aims to create a new culture of good treatment of children and an expedition of more than 200 participants from different countries, who will share their concerns and experiences in child participation programs in various parts of the world. Gira por la Infancia 2017 will know how international projects "The city of girls and boys" of Francesco Tonucci, "Learning Communities" of Ramón Flecha and the "Pedagogy of the Scout Movement". The 16 of October will begin in Huelva and end on 30 October in Madrid, after traveling 3,727 kilometres away.


16 October

5th Valencia

20 October

9th Logroño

24 October

13th Pontevedra

28 October

2th Cáceres

17 October

6th Barcelona

21 October

10th Vitoria-Gasteiz

25 October

14th León

29 October

3th Toledo

18 October

7th Zaragoza

22 October

11th Santander

26 October

15th Madrid

30 October

4th Murcia

19 October

8th Pamplona

23 October

12th Oviedo

27 October

What do you do each day in the Tour?

Each stage of the tour has three important moments: the forum of social policies for children, the caravan of good treatment of children and the race for the children.

10:00-12:00 hours. Forum of social policies for children

12:30-13:30 hours. Lecture-discussion

13:30 to 14:30 hours. Exhibition of experiences and research

16:30-18:30 hours. The caravan of good treatment of children

19:00-21:00 hours. The great race for the children (participants in the tour does not have to run and if they don't want to, since this activity is designed for children and adults in each city. The participants of the tour will collaborate in the organization of the 15 races).

How many seats are available for the course and for the tour?

Are offered a total of 200 people, all woodcock by the CIPI. The seats are distributed so that they can participate people from all parts of the world. At the time of this edition of the tour in Spain on 50% of the places will be offered to people from the host country. The distribution is as follows:

- 104 places for Spain (2 seats per province, including Ceuta and Melilla)

- 19 places for the rest of Europe

- 20 places for America

- 19 seats for Asia

- 19 seats for Africa

- 19 seats for Oceania

In case it is not request all the places available, the organization will assign them in those places where there is greater demand.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

The 1 March at 00:00 hours opens the application period for the scholarships of studies to obtain the certificate of technical support in the promotion of children's participation and to be able to participate in Gira España por la Infancia 2017.
Through the online form that will appear on this website, interested persons may request your scholarship by entering the required data. 
The study grants awarded cover the full tuition for the course, which is 1,150 €.

International Congress on Social, Political participation and protection of children

In each of the 15 cities that will Gira por la Infancia 2017 will be a session of this congress. The structure of the Congress will be the following:

First part: social policies for children with the participation of boys and girls

Part 2: Lecture-discussion

Part Three: Exposure of communications for the participants of the tour and the general public can present their practical experiences and research on some of the three main axes of the congress: participation, social policies and the protection of children.

In the following link you can access all the submissions and communications of the International and Interuniversity Congress against Child Poverty in the World that formed part of the first edition of Gira por la Infancia.


Some of the papers of the next congress

Community participation as an engine of social change

The violence and the good treatment in adolescence

The good treatment for children

The dance as a promoter of values in childhood

Educating: a collective task

Learning Communities: a model that promotes the participation of children

Take care of the emotional health of the fetuses, infants, children, and girls are important, but... How do we listen?

REDidi: an international initiative for the promotion of good treatment of children

Children in situation of migration: the interest of the Countries against the rights of the child

Art Thinking: participative strategies in art and education

Children or the challenge of love

Experts who will participate in the Tour

A great opportunity for the Technical Course

On the promotion of child participation is for those participants who want a great opportunity to be inserted in the labour field by using formulas, and various strategies of self-employment. In addition to train participants in the development of the professional competence of the promotion of child participation, the CIPI endorse candidates for exercise as such in the public and private entities proposed by the same. The final draft of the course each participant will be designed after the programming received in the first phase and in the own tour, context in one or several neighborhoods, towns or cities. This project, along with the technical credential in promotion of children's participation and the guarantee of the CIPI, strengthen the proposal of self-employment of participants in municipalities and companies. The CIPI will encourage municipalities and companies that are committed to this professional profile

Will be able to apply for a scholarship to study any person of legal age you want, being able to participate in the tour the following profiles:

- students and graduates of the social, educational and legal;

- professionals;

- technical personnel of the public authorities;

- political representatives;

- Retired persons;

- etc.

This project to be promoted by an independent organization has no public funding, so the cost of the tour are not covered by the scholarship and a total of 890 €. This amount covers the bus trip along the tour, 16 nights in the hotel, meals, materials, travel insurance and individual publication of a book with the final project.

Are offered to the participants two modes of payment:

- Option A:

890 € until 5 April

- Option B:

490 € until 5 April

250 € to

250 € 5 May until 5 June

This amount may be recovered in whole or in part through the exhibit that they can perform local councils or companies. The organization, once the advocate has paid the expenses to participate in the Tour, will provide the information and the guarantee for the interested, if you want to, you can apply in whole or in part in any public or private entity that wishes to benefit from the training received by the person sponsored.

If there are people interested in participating in the tour, you will have to apply through the same procedure, that is, requesting the scholarship. In the event of being granted, they will have to indicate to the organization that the interest is exclusive to participate in the Tour. In this case, the participants will receive a certificate of participation in the Children's 2017 tour of 180 hours and other certification of participation in the International Congress on Social, Political Participation and Protection of Children in 60 hours. In addition to the corresponding certificates and publications if they have jobs.

For further information

If you need to expand or clarify the information provided contact us through:

Email: giraporlainfancia@cipinfancia.org

Teléfono: (0034) 687 938 449

Official Language

The official language of 2017 Tour for Children will be Spanish. All participants will be required to have a basic knowledge to communicate in that language.




  1. Las becas se adjudicarán antes de que finalice el mes de marzo, tan pronto como le sea posible a la organización.
  2. Para participar en Gira por la Infancia 2017 es necesario tener concedida la beca de estudios.

Muchas gracias por su interés.


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